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Doing your first steps together

You can’t just be an exporter like that. Once the project is mature, you need to be able to rely on a local resource, who knows its market, the culture of its country and who will guide you towards success by advising you what could be duplicated / adapted from your national sales approach.


Prospecting & Representation

It’s really important to well know your company and its products to be sure to present them in the best possible way. The trust between us is essential to focus only on the main topic : our success !


Press communication & Events

If Internet is important, dont’t forget to communicate through traditional press (sometimes dedicated to a sector) and to exhibite at numerous events like professional shows or business breakfasts.


Advice on Organization & Strategy

From one country to another, even if the language is similar (Quebec / France for ex.), the culture is different and it is up to you to change. It might be necessary to customize your approach.


Connections & Business Networking

Alone, I go faster; together, we go further“. It is helpful to meet the right people at a specific time to move forward with serenity and achieve what you care about.


Support for local Hiring

Finding your first resources in France can be relatively complex. The French labour market and laws will encourage you to avoid any mistakes and for this reason, it’s better to be accompagnied.

local resource

Management of local resources

Your first local resources will be the foundation of your new facility. It’s essential to ensure their loyalty and that’s why it may be preferable that they don’t feel neither lost or alone…

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